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1973 Triumph TR6


1966 Triumph Spitfire


1972 Triumph GT6

1994 Mazda MX5


Classic British Sports car restorations

My hobby - My passion

   Rusty Beauties is my personal blog, vlog or whatever you want to call it. Here I present my restoration projects of British cars - mainly Triumphs, but who knows I might go in other directions too. The Triumphs used to be my hobby but lately I started offering all kinds of Triumph repair and restoration services in my own shop, so now this is what I do for a living.

   How did it all start? In 2015 I started with just one project - 1966 Spitfire and I wasn't planning for more, but before I new it there were many more waiting in line. I used to work for a company where we built limousines, but on the side we were doing some Triumph work. I partnered with my boss on some TR6s and a TR3, but that didn't work well, so I quit and I am on my own now. I own 5 Triumphs now, one on the road, one under restoration and 3 waiting. In the meantime I have clients who need repairs on their Rusty Beauties and of course I am not able to work on all projects simultaneously, but I am trying :)

   So I have different sections on this website for the cars in the different stages - completed, in progress and waiting.

   Who works on the cars? Well it is mainly myself. I learned how to rebuild engines, suspension, restore frames and do all the metal and bodywork, upholstery etc. The only thing that I need to work on is painting so I do not offer that as a service. 

     Social media - I film the most interesting moments of the restoration process and I post videos on YouTube. There are links to the separate projects YouTube playlists under each project article in the different sections of this site. And yes, there is a Facebook group called Rusty Beauties, where thousands of members share their projects, ask questions, help other members or just share funny stuff related to our Rusty Beauties so feel free to join. 

  So stay tuned if you are interested in vintage cars and I will try to keep you entertained.

Elin Yakov

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