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1972 Triumph GT6

1966 Triumph Spitfire

Some of the projects

1973 Triumph TR6

Classic British Sports car restorations

My hobby - My passion

   Rusty Beauties is my personal blog, vlog or whatever you want to call it. Here I present my restoration projects of British cars - mainly Triumphs, but who knows I might go in other directions too. I am not a professional restorer and this is not a service web site. This is my hobby and I do not offer paid restoration services.

   I started with just one project - 1966 Spitfire and I wasn't planning for more, but before I new it there were 4 more waiting for me. Some are mine, some I own partially and one belongs to a friend. Of course I am not able to work on all of them simultaneously, but I am trying :) Less than 2 years after I started I have one completed and two more, that are almost there. The ones that are waiting also got some things done on them for one reason or another, but the priority now is on the 2 TR6's that are close to be completed.

   So I have different sections in this website for the cars in the different stages - completed, in progress and waiting. Oh, I even have a section for the future projects, because believe it or not I have plans for more.

   Who works on the cars? Well it is mainly myself. I learned how to rebuild engines, suspension, restore frames and do all the metalwork. The bodywork and painting though are skills that I need to work on. For my first project I had a colleague, who volunteered for this type of work and I thought I could give him my old bike in return. Well... it didn't work that well. So it is again only me. Hopefully soon I will be able to do the bodywork and paint myself.

     Social media - I film the most interesting moments of the restoration process and I post videos in YouTube. You can find link to my channel in the header of this site and links to the separate project playlist under each project article in the different sections of this site. And yes, Rusty Beauties is in Facebook as well as Rusty Beauties. 

  So stay tuned if you are interested in vintage cars and I will try to keep you entertained.

Elin Yakov

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