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What car is this? It is a...

(continued from What car is this?)

He, he, it is a.... No, actually I will start with what it is not. It is not a Spitfire. And it is not a mix of many cars. 99% of the parts are from the very same car. So those of you who said mix of many cars are wrong as well.

It is a 1967 GT6 MK1.

Yeah, and most of the parts are original, just modified and maybe relocated.

Some of you guessed it was GT6, but only Kyle Darby went into all the details that I noticed and even further. I am not going to point at everything, because I will just quote Kyle with the best answer. (He sent it on Personal Message in order not to spoil the game on the third minute. Thanks, Kyle).

So here are the pictures again and Kyle's answer:

"Based on the steering wheel, 1967 gt6. That’s a 1 year only wheel. Door handles shaved, windows and wing windows removed, front bumper removed, front fender seams shaved on a mk1 gt6 bonnet, unknown over riders. Inside again it has mk1 gt6 seats, and this is a true gt6 convertible as the roof was cut off and the back hatch area laid down and filled in. Shape of the opening and the trunk handle tell me this. Lastly it’s got vw bug tail light lenses and plinths to stretch the rear quarters a bit. Last that I can see is inverted Mgb maybe rear over riders and license plate lights.... I miss anything? I forgot to mention the rear fender tops have been shaved as well."

So that explains it, right? For me the first clue was the non detachable windshield frame. But the boot lid was the most interesting part. It took me a while to figure out it was the hatch from the same car. So when I answered Ben, who sent the pictures I asked him to take some photos on the inside, just to prove my theory and there you go. I was right. You can see clearly how the glass area was filled in with sheetmetal.

In addition to that Ben found the answer to his own question about the signal and parking lights. He was wondering which model had only one light instead of two.

And here is his answer. There were two originally

So it looks like someone spent a good amount of time and effort to turn a GT6 into a Spitfire. And from fabricating point of view I think they did a good job. From a British car enthusiast point of view.... well, not so much.

The thing is that Ben bought the car not because it was a GT6 or a Spitfire, but because he liked it as it was and that is what matters.

So thank you all for your guesses and I hope you had fun.

Special thanks to Ben Jenkins for the interesting pictures and to Kyle Darby for the detailed answer. Kyle, you owe me a beer, remember? I said I'd let the winner buy me a beer :)


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