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1973 TR6 - Another Completed Rusty Beauty

Now that the 1973 TR6 was completed it is time to write the rest of the story and finally the article can move from the "Projects in Progress" to the "Completed Projects" section on the website. The website could use some more updates and I am intending to do that one of these days :)

So! I will tell you what happened after we got the car back from the paint shop (the first one LOL) since this is where the story ends on the website for now.

So the paint was horrible... Orange peel, fish eyes, runs.... It was impossible to keep working on it as it needed a total repainting again.

So it sat for a few months while we decided what to do and finally we decided to send it to another paint shop and re-do the entire paintwork. They kept the car for a very long time, but they did a good job. When it came back we were happy with it and finally I could start assembling it.

That was in the beginning of April, 2018.

I wrapped up my other project. the 1972 GT6 in the middle and started working on this one as it was first in the line :)

I started by assembling the engine bay. Installing the brake and clutch master cylinders, connecting brake lines, fuel lines. Then I installed the windshield wiper mechanism before I went too far and berried the openings under the dash. Then I ran the new harness and started installing all electrical components, dash, gauges... You know, there are so many things to install :)

By mid June the car was assembled just enough for a first start and test-drive. I had it on jack stands so we could "test-drive" it in the air first. The carburetors were rebuilt long time ago and not adjusted, but surprisingly she started and ran pretty well with them despite all the vacuum leaks I had to take care of. My main concern was the transmission and A-type overdrive as these were never tested before. We ran the engine a few times in the past, but never drove the car. So now I was really happy the transmission went into all gears and the Overdrive worked well (I jump-wired the solenoid).

I was so exited... I wanted to drive it now... It didn't take long to throw a seat inside and take it out for a backyard drive :) She ran so well. I was really happy! ...until she decided to spit oil in my face :) LOL, literally! The bonnet was not installed and there was no windshield frame as well, so when the line for the oil pressure gauge burst I got covered in oil along with the entire engine bay and the freshly painted panels :) At first I thought the engine was gone, but it was such a relief to find the only issue was the little plastic oil line. I ordered a steel braid one and replaced it and we have no issues ever since.

So I kept assembling it, installed sound deadening on the floor, new carpet, reupholstered in Tan leather seats and side panels, new dash pad and even new top! She looked amazing at the end.

So within 4 months just by spending few hours on her every once in a while I was able to complete her and used her as a daily driver for a while in order to test all systems and do all necessary adjustments. Till September I put more than 1000 miles on her and she was already running fantastic. On September 16th, 2018 she attended the British Car Day and that was the great finale of the almost 3 years long restoration.

There were many ups and downs. She had active periods followed by just hanging periods, many people had their hands on her, but I think she turned out amazing and now she is a proud member of the Completed Rusty Beauties.

So thanks for being with us on our journey and I hope you enjoyed it.

As usual all that was filmed in details and it is available to watch on Rusty Beauties YouTube channel.

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