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The Real Rusty Beauties

Some work is done on them, but for the time being they are hanging in the waiting room

11_6_2016 MK3 pickup_2.JPG
1968 Triumph Spitfire MK3

My Second Rusty Beauty

Just like most of the other Rusty Beauties, she came in by chance. I wasn't looking for another project, but I couldn't resist her beauty and I bought her even though I knew she will have to wait. Well she got new seats and door cards already, got her engine rebuilt, but she had to give it up for some time.... it went to her older sister for a while. Well, the plans were to get it back at some point, but we might have another idea for her. We will get back to her eventually. When...? Well hopefully in the near future. For now she is in the waiting list.

1960 Triumph TR3A

Like many of my YouTube followers commented after I posted the first video about her, she is a diamond in the rough, At a first glance she looks rusty and inatractive, but there are really solid bones behind the surface rust. Of course she needs many panels replaced, but we have those and once we get our hands on her the work should go smooth and easy. For now she is in the waiting list and patiently awaiting her turn.

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