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11_6_2016 MK3 pickup_2.JPG

1968 Triumph Spitfire

She is my personal project, which apparently is not in her favor, because she is always pushed back in the line, making room for the shop projects. I also squeezed my other personal project the 1972 GT6 before her so I will have to make it up to her one day. So my original idea was to just restore her and I even rebuilt her engine already with the idea to use it temporarily in my 1966 Spitfire, but since this becomes more and more a permanent situation, I decided I will do something else for the 1968. I will turn her into a Spit6. I will get a GT6 engine and bonnet for her, I will paint her white and her interior will be red. 

Gallery to come soon.... But you can watch the progress on YouTube already

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