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Projects In Work

These are soon to be completed

1972 Triumph GT6

She wasn't even supposed to be started before the 73 TR6 was finished but because of some hiccups with the TR6 she accidentally got half way restored :) Then she was on hold for about 6 months and now she is back to full steam. Hopefully, she will be on the road for the 2019 driving season.

1974 Triumph TR6

After waiting patiently for 2 years she is now in process. Her condition is much worse than what it showed on a first glance, but we enjoy working on her so soon she will be nice and shiny like back in the day!

1970 Triumph TR6

  She is on hold as well. The metalwork was completed and she is waiting to get painted. John Malone, the owner, is arranging to take her to a paint shop to get her done.

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