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What car is this?

Hey Guys,

I recently received an email form Ben Jenkins asking for a little help. He bought a car to have fun in the summer. He is not a big purist and wasn't too demanding about the car being original. He just liked the car and bought it, but he was curious to know what car exactly that was. It said in the title it was.... Hm... I am not going to tell you, as this was the main clue which helped me to figure it out. I am curious though to see how many people will guess it right. So here is the car.

What do you think on a first glance?

Check inside, obviously aftermarket dash, no roll-up windows, no door handles outside...

Side view. Looks like a Spitfire with a GT6 bonnet, right? Maybe....But what mark?

Oh, oh.... Is this a MGA boot lid? I don't think so, but maybe something similar...

Something is definitely not right here, but what?

OK, let's see who thinks what. What is the car? what mods have been done and what parts have been used? In a couple of days I will post some more pictures, that Ben sent me after I suggested what the car was and these pictures proved my theory.

So I am waiting to hear from you! If you guess right I will let you buy me a beer :)


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