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Skip Moyer's Rusty Beauties

Hey, Guys!

I am taking the opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year and all the best for 2018! I hope you all have a great year to enjoy with your families and of course with your project cars. If you don't have a project yet, make sure to get one this year. Or if you have abandoned it for years... it is about time to get back to it! It is a great fun to wrench around them. To myself I wish the same and also I hope you will keep growing (as a number I mean LOL) and keep liking and sharing, as this is the way to support the Rusty Beauties idea.

So now to the main subject of this post. You probably remember this picture I posted on the Facebook page.

This is a little part of the Rusty Beauties owned by Skip Moyer. He didn't give me much of a story, but I liked the picture and asked him if he had more so he sent all these with a little description for each photo. I know it is sad for most of us to see those beauties in this condition, but hey, what would you do with them? Scrap them? Isn't that even worse? Or restore them? Good luck with that. I don't know what I would do, so I don't blame Skip for storing them in such way. Anyway, to me these are beautiful photos and I want to share them with you! So I will post them here along with Skip's description.

Mark 3

Mk 1 and 1500 still alive

Some early Mk ones had these glass lights which look better to me than the larger plastic ones

The Mark IV emblem is from a Lincoln Continental but the car is a Mark two

Maybe someone can tell which year came with this hubcap. My guess is Mk3 or Mk4

See the rollbar? A sixteen year old was driving this his birthday present and flipped the car. the windshield frame gave way a little but this roll bar held up and saved his life. Then he left it in his grandmother's barn for ten years where I found it and got started into spitfires...1974 or so

Mark 2 with a painted grill from a Mark one

This Mark 2 had the later type door handle and latch, even a lock!!

Someone drove this Mark 3 into the ground...ha ha sorry...

Mark 2 grill and lights

Early Mark One door had this handle and no lock

maybe use this for a trivia question: It's a Mark one bonnet with the middle bar cut out and a gt6 grill installed The similar two piece grill from a mark two spit would be too short leaving a gap in the middle. Then a tr6 hood (bonnet) laying on top and a Mk4 wheel and tire. Anybody guesses all that right should win a prize!!! (Sory I gave you the answer so no prize LOL -E.Y.)

At times this looks to me like a tr6 pickup truck

I hope you guys liked the pictures. They are a real art for me. Especially in high resolution as Skip sent them to me. I don't think they will show up here in all their glory, but believe me, each and every one is a masterpiece.


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