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The Beast - the Rusty Beauty that got me into GT6's.

Hello, hello,

Time for a beer,eh? Do you have one in the fridge? Grab it and come keep me company with mine. OK, Cheers!

So a week or so ago I offered to put the Rusty Beauties followers cars in one gallery. However it looks like not many people want their cars to be called "rusty", since there weren't too many emails. But anyways, there are some and I will start with The Beast. This is the name David Plass gave to his 1972 GT6.

To be honest guys, once upon a time I didn't like GT6. Every time I saw a GT6 the fact that it wasn't convertible was loosing me before I even started considering whether I liked it or not. However once I started driving the Spitfire and I already had a convertible car I started looking around and I realized it wasn't a bad car. And once David Started posting videos about his Beast I fell in love with it. Especially MK3.... wow, I just loved it. And sure enough I was lucky to be given one for free... But OK, this is not about me, this is about David and his Beast. I just wanted to say that The Beast was the sparkle that started the GT6 fire in me.

So, David Plass sent some pictures of The Beast, but he didn't give me any story, so I will have to come up with one.

David is one of my very early subscribers and he's been very active. Always asking questions (some of them actually make sense LOL. Just kidding, he has a good sense of humor too), giving suggestions and directing to sources of information or parts. He even called himself a Superfan and I agree, he is one! Not only mine though, but he is going to regret that LOL. Everywhere I go - a YouTube channel, forum or FB page... he is already there...

So probably most of you know him already :)

About the car I don't know too much. How did he get it and it's story, but I know it is in very rough shape.... Ops! It was I mean! He (yes, The Beast is male) is getting better and better looking every day. David has a lot of patience. If you think I am patient check this - before and after. That is what I call patience.

So he takes his time rebuilding a part, polishes it to a jewelry standard and then he starts with the next one.

His videos are short (2-3 minutes) and informative. He gives us updates and asks for advises. I liked his series on the starter motor. He rebuilt it and faced so many problems, but he didn't give up and at the end he was the winner.

Recently he was working on the clutch master and slave cylinders, pedals assembly - a part that you never see, but he didn't cut any corners there as well. He rebuilt it as if the assembly was a decoration for his fireplace. And I respect him for that!

So I am sure that The Beast will be The Best GT6 in North America soon.

If you haven't watched his videos I recommend watching them here. Or here. Or if you prefer there... Lol These all lead to the same place - David's YouTube home page.

So I wish David good luck with the restoration and definitely next time I go down to the States I will stop by him to say hi and have a beer with him on the Beast's bonnet :) and maybe tackle some quick job together :)

If you wan't your car here, don't hesitate to send me your favorite pictures and a story - short or long, whatever you prefer otherwise I will come up with something you won't like like David's story here LOL. I won't call your car rusty beauty I will call it de-rusted beauty if you prfer LOL

And if I collect enough stories I will put them in a separate section in the website - Frends cars or something like that.

So stay tuned and to our American friends Happy Thanksgiving! Don't go too hard on the turkey LOL Cheers!

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