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Rusty Beauties friends cars gallery idea. What do you think?

Howdy, Guys!

It's been a while since I last posted in the blog. I am just too busy and hardly find time for anything. And the funny part is that I am not busy with official work. I mean, not overly busy. Just regular hours, you know. What I am busy with is all the restoration stuff and editing videos. Which is good. I enjoy it a lot, so I am not complaining, just saying...

So not much time for the website, but I will have to find time to update it a little. I still have to write the stories of some cars and to move the GT6 from the Future projects section to the Projects In Progress section since she is already in the line, right. So I will try to update it soon.

But let me tell you about my idea. I think it would be interesting if we build a gallery with pictures and maybe a very short story if you want about all the Rusty Beauty's friends cars. What do you think? I've seen many of your cars guys, the ones that you emailed me, and I know there are some real beauties out there, so if we put them all into one place it will be interesting don't you think?

So if you'd like to participate email me at with your favorite picture of your car and if you want a short story as well - just a few words and if I get enough cars I will make a page in the Rusty Beauties website about them. Or if you have more than one favorite pictures and a longer story I can dedicate a post in the blog for your car before I put it in the gallery. It is up to you. So let me know what you think.

I know this will take me even more time, but I really want Rusty Beauties to be more like a community place with your input as well and not a place where I show my car and my work and you all give me thumbs up. There is a YouTube channel for that LOL. Just kidding, I really appreciate all your thumbs up and nice comments.

So tell me what you think. Maybe you have something to add to the idea? Or maybe a different, better idea? Let me know, OK?

And at the end since I have to add at least one picture to this post, I will put the latest picture of my newest car (surprise LOL) Yeah, I started cutting out some rust and I went to town LOL

OK Guys, stay tuned, let me know your ideas and be safe!


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