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A heart-warming story

I received an email from Brian Beninger today. His story really touched my heart and I decided to share it with you.

I am so happy when I hear I helped indirectly so many people, but in this case it was even better feeling.... So here is Brian's email:

Hello Elin, I just want to thank you for all the work you have done with your Rusty Beauties videos. They have been both helpful and inspiring to this old man. 50 years ago when I met my wife Toni she was driving a Wedgewood Blue Mk2. We took our honeymoon in that car. So to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary next summer, I bought her this 1968 Mk3.

We live in North Bay now but I found this car in Ottawa where we were married. Interestingly, it came from the same dealer that sold her her original car. So this year we have been finding out what we bought and getting it ready for next season. That's where your videos have helped me so much. I knew NOTHING about working on cars but I am learning fast and enjoying myself.

We joined the Toronto Triumph Club and there will be a story about our car in the next Ragtop magazine, I believe. So thanks again for helping an old dog learn some new tricks! Cheers from Grandpa Brian Beninger

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