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Welcome to my new site

Welcome to - the site I was debating for a long time whether I should create or it would be one more task taking away from my time. Well, I finally came to the conclusion, that it would be helpful in many ways. I will be able to upload more pictures for you, my followers to enjoy, I can also post updates or just thoughts in the blog part and these are going to be easy to navigate and archive. And the most important is that it would be easier for you to follow the different projects. I know I create a little confusion every time I post a video about a different project. I do that whenever I feel like.... well that's what it looks like, I know, but there is always a reason for me to jump between the projects. So you will be able to follow here as well and figure out what is what. I will probably post a new blog for each car with a short story - how did it join the horde of the Rusty Beauties, what was done and what is the state right now. So I think it will be a useful site.

I know all that I could do in Facebook as well, but there it doesn't seem so organized and somehow I like it better here.

For those of you, who would like to receive notifications for the new posts there is a "subscribe" section at the bottom of the home page. Just enter your email address and you will be notified every time I felt like bothering you with my Rusty Beauties updates :)

So, welcome and have fun!

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