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First Annual British car show hosted by Rusty Beauties LOL

With the 73 TR6 almost ready I couldn't resist the temptation to line up all the "presentable" Rusty Beauties for a photo shoot and call it a British Car Show :)

Well, the 6 still has a lot of work to be done, but it is mostly completed. What bothers me the most is the rear suspension. I will have to look at it closely and see why it is sitting so high. I have some memories about a spacer under the springs, but maybe I am wrong. It was so long ago. But, isn't she gorgeous now?

Anyway, I am happy that 3 of the Rusty Beauties are already driving around and being able to pose for a picture :) Maybe we can line up the real rusty Rusty Beauties next to them as well? Well next time :) Now I just wanted to share my happiness with you!