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Scout International - New Top

Hi Guys,

I was looking for something on my server and I found some pictures that I thought I lost. I was looking for them before, because I wanted to show them to somebody, who was criticizing me for thinking of making a new top for my Spitfire (which I planned for this winter, but it didn't happen LOL). Anyway, I will share them with you and hopefully the guy will see that my "top making" skills are not worse than those of the pro "topmakers" :) making up my own words here.

So this Rusty Beauty, which wasn't rusty at all by the way, belonged to Jake's brother.

It was sitting in our shop for quite a bit and finally it got sold, but before it got sold I made a nee hat for it :)

I wasn't shooting videos at that time, but here are some pictures of the process and the ready product.

This is how the top started - on a roll.

And this is a roll of glass :)

The rolls turned into parts

And the glass into windows

OK, enough sewing pictures. Not interesting. Let's see how it fits. First test fit

Hmm, it looks weird above the windshield.... too flat. OK we will do something about that later. Let's stretch it a little and see the rest.

Not bad, not bad. Now to make a leading edge for the windshield. It should give it a nice shape.

Oh, that should make it look even better. Let's see.



Great! Now let's see it completed


So like I said it got sold and left for New York USA, but it was a beautiful truck.

Anyway, I hope the guy who criticized me for being cheap is reading this. Instead of buying a "professionally" made top for 350 bucks (that's American so with shipment, duties and conversion it would end up at 600 Canadian) I was going to make something that wouldn't be good, he said. I don't ring my own bell a lot, but I really want to rub this on his nose! So this is a personal message, if it is not you, just ignore it LOL

OK, guys, thanks for reading this and I think I might dig out some more pictures of Rusty Beauties that we worked on during the years.