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The beginning

The beginning of the Rusty Beauties horde began to begin in.... OK seriously, I want to tell you how it all started. Some of you might have heard the story, but most of you haven't so I will tell it one more time.

Before I moved to Canada I've never worked as an automotive mechanic or anything to do with cars, but I was always into cars and I was always fixing my cars myself on the parking lot of the building I used to live in. My cars were always older than me and I learned a lot while fixing them usually on the side of the road with almost no tools. So I always had the idea in my head that I will restore an old car one day. What car? I had no idea... a Beetle or something similar maybe, but the idea was a little different back at the time. I was thinking of restoring the body but retrofit a modern engine and maybe even drivetrain. Well that idea was only in my dreams for many years for one reason or another.... first of I had no place to work, but the most important - I had absolutely no time for that. My life was very busy in Bulgaria.

At some point in the 90's I used to have a 1976 Renault 5 like this one - this is a random picture from the net.

Unfortunately I don't have pictures of mine, but believe me, you haven't seen a car in such a bad shape LOL

So when the engine seized.... (a long story, but yes, it was my fault) I parked it outside and decided to keep it and use it one day as a victim for my idea.... Well it sat for almost 10 years and I had to scrap it since it was parked on the street and it couldn't stay there anymore. So that was the closest I ever got to a car restoration while I was living in Bulgaria. Oh, my first car got partially restored, but not by me, so it doesn't count.

So in December 2012 I moved with my family to Canada and one year later I was working in AHA where I came across British cars for a first time. Jake, the shop's owner had this beautiful 1964 TR4 parked in the corner.

It needed some care since it was barely driven after it was restored couple of years ago. It was a great pleasure for me to work on it and I finished what wasn't done during the restoration. I was so exited to work on this car that Jake suggested that I'd take it home for the weekend.... Oh, what a pleasure! After the weekend I came back with a list of other issues that Jake didn't know about. He ordered the parts needed and a week later the car was in a perfect driving condition. Next I took it to the British car day and that was the final spark. I was bitten by the British cars bug and I had to do something about it. I told Jake I was dreaming about a project and he generously offered the shop as my restoration studio as long as I do it after hours and in weekends. Not even a week later I was towing the trailer with my first Rusty Beauty on it and I was singing like a bird from happiness.

So this is how it all started and in the next post I will tell you more about the first Rusty Beauty, how she got home not without any hick-ups and a little more about the restoration. Maybe some details I haven't mentioned in the videos... who knows...

I am going for a beer now.